Parent’s Guide to Summer Fun During COVID-19

Parent’s Guide to Summer Fun during COVID-19 

Posted on May 24th, 2020 by George Farmer

With a few weeks remaining until the official start of the summer, families are left with the reality that going outdoors and gathering in large crowds could present unwanted danger because of COVID-19. The beaches will undoubtedly receive its fair share of visitors however, large numbers of families will stay home to avoid contracting the virus. Entertaining children this summer can present a challenge for parents, especially for those with energetic younger children.

Children yearn for summer vacation and the opportunity to be children and have fun. Roasting marshmallows, cool water on a summer day, and playing outdoors until the late sunset are all staples of childhood that should not be missed because of COVID-19. The financial constraints or safety precautions caused by the coronavirus threaten to rob families of the joyous family activities that summer welcomes. Families that choose to stay home are worthy of the same summer excitement as those who choose to venture outside their homes.

Enjoying the thrill of road trips and vacations that bring new scenery are fun summer events, but children also enjoy simplicity. Parents that choose to stay home this summer should not feel guilty about not taking their children on trips or vacations. With ingenuity and childlike thinking, parents can provide an exhilarating summer despite COVID-19.  Creating an at-home family fun summer vacation environment can provide the much-needed summer relief for parents and children.

Quarantined Summer Activities: 

  1.  Water Games 

Water games are a primary activity for the hot summer days. The versatility of water can provide a splash of water or soaking fun to stay cool.  Whether you have a pool in the backyard or not, create a water park with games and activities. Water balloons are a great activity from a water balloon catch, to relay races, or just simply throwing balloons at one another. When caregivers get exhausted, never underestimate the power of sprinklers. Water is the ultimate summer equalizer to neutralize boredom.

  2.  Obstacle Course  

The thrill and excitement of a summer day usually brings relaxing nights for parents when children are exhausted and tired at days end. Creating physical activity in the form of an obstacle course may give parents much needed rest at night. Mixing exercise and physical tasks to create an obstacle course is a challenge to help children release their energy. Be creative, use exercise equipment you have available, and incorporate body movement to help children exercise all their muscles.

   3.  Picnics 

Dining in restaurants is an enjoyable experience for the general public. Not having to prepare meals, cook, or clean afterward are a few perks of dining out. The governor of NJ will provide instructions for dining in at restaurants, but many will forgo leaving their homes for dining in experiences to preserve the safety of their family. In these instances, creating an experience for the family that is comparable to dining out will create a more than reasonable alternative.  You can host an indoor or outdoor picnic for your family that the children will be sure to enjoy.

  4.  Ice Cream Party

The sounds of the Mr. Softee ice cream truck sends kids running from their locations to begging parents for the opportunity to indulge in the soft-serve ice cream. Parents cannot deny the nostalgia associated with the experience of enjoying Mr. Softee. The risk is obvious given the current plight of the country with COVID-19. If enjoying Mr. Softee’s ice cream is not an option, create a new experience with your family. Making homemade ice cream can be the ultimate ice cream fun for the family. To add more excitement, create your flavors, and do an anonymous vote on the favorite flavor. You can also create an ice cream bar where children can choose different toppings.

  5.  Release Your Inner Child

There are moments as a parent when your best efforts do not seem to entertain children as you wish. In these moments, release your inner child and simply have fun. What can be better than teaching our favorite games we played as children? Hopscotch, double dutch, freeze tag, dodge ball, kickball, or any other past time are all games that can be fun for the family.  You can also teach your children something they did not know about you and how you used to play as a kid.

This is not an extensive list, but it serves to help jumpstart the mind to increase opportunities to have fun during the pandemic. There is a tendency to rely on spending large amounts of money to have especially during the summer. What remains etched in the minds of people is the money spent, but the memories built. Do not let COVID-19 rob you of the opportunity to make pleasurable family memories.

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  1. Very refreshing!! Brought back some memories for when we used the play outside as kids. From morning til the pole lights went on!
    Summer is a time of fun and wonder! Thanks for the reminder.


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