George Farmer, Ed.D.,  is a dedicated educator with over ten years of experience. His passion for educating students, teachers, and parents is without borders. In 2020 Dr. Farmer earned his Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management. His research on alternatives to out-of-school suspensions contributes to education by helping to eliminate exclusionary practices.

Beginning his educational experience, Dr. Farmer served as an in-school suspension coordinator and alternative school teacher. He later spent years as a teacher before moving to an administrative role. Dr. Farmer developed a healthy school culture through supportive attendance policy, implementing a social-emotional curriculum, providing instructional coaching, and reflective practices in an administrative capacity. He is now an administrator in New Jersey.

In 2020 Dr. Farmer wrote two articles that earned the top 10 articles of 2020 for Education Next. His writings have also been featured in Edutopia, ChalkBeat, and Equity & Access. You can review published articles from Dr. Farmer at gfarmer.journoportfolio.com .

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